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Spectral Games was founded in 2009. Initially we were developing mobile apps and games. In 2021 we’ve decided to change our strategy and focus on the promising virtual reality market. This was the moment the company was reborn. We’ve gathered a team of professionals in VR games development. Our milestone was beginning our work on the VR version of a bestseller flat-game from Render Cube – Medieval Dynasty. Currently we’re developing a Medieval Dynasty New Settlement. It isn’t a port of the original flat-screen game, but a completely new one with a brand new story and map set in the Medieval Dynasty universe. Release is planned for Spring 2024. It’ll be available on Meta Store, for Meta Quest 2, 3 and Pro.

Our project is well supported by the Render Cube and Meta, leader in the VR sector.


We believe that if a product is well received in the PC or console gaming community, it has a good chance to be as successful in the VR market. Our goal is to deliver innovative experiences in VR, using the capacity of already existing popular flat-screen games.

Currently a key title in our IP is Medieval Dynasty New Settlement. After the game’s release we’re planning to further develop its features. Gamers can count on additional content that’ll expand their VR experiences. We’re working on adding a co-op mode too, further plans cover expanding the game’s availability on other VR platforms.

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